Friday, May 23, 2008

What I Love About My Kids Today

This is going to be a total brag blog...sorry, but these are my babies and I have to share!

Jessica was able to go with the 4th graders to Yosemite National Park for a three day field trip. They dressed in period costumes and took on the role of various early Californians. She was Mary Peregoy, an early hotel and restaurant owner. It was a wonderful experience for her, I am really glad she was able to go, but I sure missed her! She is an amazing helper and only complains every once in a while. She always does her best and is eager to try new things. Her teacher has sparked an interest in art in her, and I am happy to oblige. She is so talented and beautiful. I love this girl!

Anna is so happy to be Anna. She is so sweet and excited about life! She loves to sing and has an uncanny ability to remember lyrics to songs (she didn't get that from me). She became a Math Master at school ("BEFORE JESSIE," she will tell you) and loves to read. She has such a funny personality. The other day she had to take out the garbage so she paused the TV show the kids were all watching and hid the remote in her purse. While she was putting the new bag in the trash, she heard the TV come back on, looked in her purse and said "Stinkin' kids! They stole the remote!" She is such an easy going kid and I love her to pieces! Reese is amazingly creative. He is always making something...usually with something he pulled out of the garbage. One day he hung up Anna's loom and had everyone look through it at the "Wild River". He loves to know facts about various things and has a wonderful vocabulary. He is really excited to start Kindergarten in July, I am excited to hear what stories he tells!
Maya is very agreeable. Her newest thing is "Sums up, Mom" after complimenting me on a yummy meal or a paricularly fabulous ponytail etc. She loves to help and is my best laundry folder. She is also a GREAT bubby (blankie) sharer, which, if you know me is huge in my book!

Bella is quite the nurturer. She loves to help with anything regarding Baby Jeffrey, especially if it involves stripping down to her undies and helping with his bath. She is such an outgoing little sweetheart! Jeffrey is getting so big and gets cuter and sweeter everyday! He reached for and grabbed his first toy yesterday. Ben was so proud until I told him it was a Barbie. Today, however, it was not a Barbie, but Jessica's oil paints. She was holding him and painting for some reason (???) and now both of them have paint all over themselves. Oh well, it washes, not very easily, but it washes!


Isn't he sweet? I could just eat him up!


Reil family said...

We love your kids they are so cute and I think that it is great that you brag about them all the time, you are wonderful Mom

kthom said...

I love the pics, your kidlets are beautiful, you and Ben...good genetic combo. Jeffrey wins the dollbaby award, the cooey, cuddly, smiley, gurgly noises are heavenly. :) xoxo

Jennie said...

Emily they are SO cute - I miss Mr. Reese and that Jeffrey is just a sweetheart. What fun.

Jackson Family said...

Your children are so great! I love having Anna in my class at church. She is always so happy! She always brings a smile to my face.

Tony & Traci said...

What a wonderful mother you are. If I am only half as good as you are as a mother someday I think I will be just fine. You are a huge example to me on how I want to raise my future children.

yennu said...

You make it look easy to raise 6 kids. Some days I struggle with 2. Darling family!!

da linfords said...

How fun!.... I loved reading about each one of your kids, they are all so beautiful. "sums up Emily!" ;) I only remember meeting Jessica a long time ago but that's it. I'm excited for the next family reunion so we can get to know your family better. In the meanwhile I'll just keep reading your blog, you are such a cute mom. :)