Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our Daily Fashion Show

I am trying really hard to be better about finding humor in the little things in my life. Some things are really funny; what my kids say, what they do, and often times what they wear. What I am struggling to find the humor in, among other things, is the amount of laundry I do. So far this week, I kid you not, I have done twelve loads of laundry, and there is still more to do! This amount amazes me. I am not a clothes horse (I'll post about that another day), most of Ben's clothes are sent out to be dry cleaned, and I only have six kids (HA HA HA). Why on earth do I have so many clothes to wash? Two words: MAYA and BELLA. Here is where I need to laugh at things. I love these girls, but I tell you what, they change their clothes no less than 3 times a day. I have yelled and threatened, and I have even on occasion tried to gently persuade them to leave their original outfits on for a whole day. I have considered putting their clothes in my closet and locking the door so they had to wear the same clothes all day. If we are not going anywhere, I will usually let them exercise some autonomy and choose their own clothes. That is why they usually look like rag-a muffins. I buy cute clothes for them, and I always buy two of everything. Then there are the beautiful hand-me downs from their little friends that have to be worn at least a few times so there are not hurt feelings. Unfortunately, these usually end up being the favorites for a while. The honored new outfit is given a special ceremony the night before its debut and laid out in its entirety, (you remember) so that if you were a flat person, you could just lie down and shimmy your way into the days apparel. I will usually let them wear the new dresses/skirts etc a few times before they mysteriously disappear, but in the meantime we are blessed with a fashion show like no other. These pictures are a sampler of my day today. I did miss one outfit on each of the girls, it was on and off so fast.

Bella #1
Maya #1 This is actually #3 for both, I missed #2. This is what they were hoping to wear to the Primary activity this afternoon. One of the perils of twin-hood is that there are two left shoes and two right shoes, and sometimes they just don't get paired up correctly.
Maya and Bella #4. This is what they ended up wearing to the activity, not much better, but still an improvement.
Maya #5

There you go...don't forget about all the pajamas. Did you know that if you layer a shirt on top of a nightgown it looks like you have on a skirt? The funny thing is that it also makes more laundry. I will never win.


SKH said...

I think Alayna would love to have 2 twin friends that enjoy the same love of fashion. Layering is one of her favorite styles right now. The other day she had 6, yes I counted 6 shirts/tank/sleeveless tops on and a skirt with leggings. I even make her fold and put away all her laundry and tell her she is just making more work for her self, but she still changes...let me know when you find a solution. I can't wait for this summer when we can get our kids together! watch out grandpa, here come Alayna, Bella & Maya.

CrazyinIdaho said...

I love the fashion show. My problem child is Sam! Yes it is not just the girls. He is also into layering, and then changing into a completely different outfit when he gets over heated!The boys had fun playing in some water two days ago and soaked their shoes, so I washed them, and the next day Sam did the exact same thing! Only this time he was thoughtful enough to wear his brother's shoes and keep his dry! Oh joy! Love the mom stories, I need to write more of those.

Alicia said...

Thanks for sharing these "fun" stories with all of us. Your positive attitude is so great! Yes, you and my sister should talk--laundry drives her crazy, and often takes over her couch while waiting to be folded. You mothers of many children amaze and inspire me!

yancey3 said...

I am totally going thru the same thing! Claire lays out each outfit too! She even includes the panties and tank top undershirt. I thought she was a little OCD, good thing to hear other kids do it too! Call me this week, Brett is working a lot, so I am needing a good talk on the phone!

da linfords said...

What a fun post! I love seeing the pictures of how the day progressed. Bella & Maya are gorgeous little girls. I think you have the right attitude in that you've got to find the humor in things and laugh at yourself.... otherwise I think moms would go insane!

Jennie said...

Oh Emily! This made my day. You are so blessed with those girls - their smiles are so bright, who cares what they have one? I have to say, I do not have this problem, yet. But this is pretty funny. Too bad it's the twins - would be much easier if it were Anna or Reese. But the twins just multiplies the problem.
Thanks for the laugh! You can laugh too. You'll miss all that laundry someday - someday WAAAAYYY in the future!

Tony & Traci said...

I love the pictures!! I love those girls!