Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Muzzo's Day!

What a wonderful day! I love being a mom to so many great kids! They have been so sweet all week, wishing me a Happy Muzzo's day every day. The primary kids sang Mother I Love You in Sacrament meeting. The video is a recap, but with the added bonus of the dog singing along. Jessica did not want to be on the video but still wanted to sing. Ben and the kids surprised me with a spa day which I am really looking forward to. We were talking about what would be considered BAD Mother's Day gifts. Here's what we came up with:
1) a scale
2) an oinking/mooing cookie jar
3) cleaning products/equipment
4) nothing

Did we miss anything?

Mom and the girls

I would also like to wish my mom a happy Mother's Day. She amazes me. Not only did she raise 15 kids, which in and of itself is an amazing feat, she did it with such patience and love. Rarely did she raise her voice at us and has always been a great source of comfort to me. I am grateful to her and my dad for her staying home to raise us, even though it would have been easier for her to go to work. I am glad that she is always willing help, even if it is just to offer encouragement and advice. She has a strong testimony of the gospel and does her very best to live it. I love her very much and am so glad to be her daughter! I love you Mom


SKH said...

I love it! I love it! I love it! (your new camera that is!:)) It is so fun to see your kids! (Yes, I know I say that every time I comment) We had the primary sing today too! I love that people come to tell me "You did such a good job!" (I'm not the one singing) I just flap my arm. Good job Ben and kids for giving such a wonderful suprise!(LUH-key!) I do have to disagree on the cleaning equipment, I would really like a new vacuum (maybe a dyson?) And if the cookie jar came with cookies...(If your wondering, I am just seeing how many times I can use parenthesis before they get annoying)

Emily K said...

I do need a new vacuum, but I am sure I could come up with a better day to get one other than mothers maybe tuesday.

Emily Oman said...

Love your kiddles, they are too cute I just want to squish them! Happy mother's day to you!!!

Jennie said...

We couldn't get Laurel to go up and sing at church. Maybe she'll do it this way. And Jessica has a beautiful singing voice!

Jake, Jill & Jenna said...

So cute! Thanks for your comments in Relief Society yesterday. You are such a good example to me.

kthom said...

Hey, Happy Muzzo's day to you!! Now you even know how to post Emily Louise never cease to amaze me. That was a fine rendition of a mother's day classic:) You're a cute mom that is loved by many...including me:)

libbie said...

my very favorite part of this blog is Reese scratching at his business. Nice. . . My second favorite part is all us dead SEXY girls.

Tony & Traci said...

I would even say workout equipment. It is a nice gesture because you probably want it anyway, but that is just one of those things that is better to buy yourself rather than a gift. I don't know what do you think? Anyway Love the post. You have such a beautiful family.

My Three Sons said...

So sweet, I love that song! You've got a bunch of sweet kidos:) I hope you had a great day! Also, I didn't know you were friends with Chase's teacher, Mrs. Barnes! We talked about how much we love you yesterday :)