Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Anna Banana!!!

Happy Birthday, Anna Banana!!!

Nine years ago today our precious little Anna was born! So, according to Blogger tradition, I will rattle off nine of my favorite things about Miss Anna.

9- I love her cute little snout. Funny little inside family joke. We love you Grandpa!

8- I love that she loves being a little girl. I love that she loves dolls and pretty dresses. I love that she is clinging with all her might to the reality of the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. Love it.

7- I love how much she LOVES to sleep. Ever since she was a baby, she has loved it. I have never had to fight with her to go to bed or to take a nap. She used to even rock herself to sleep in her carseat. I know someday soon this will bite me in the fanny as I am sure I am going to have to yank her out of bed for school, but for now, I will continue loving it.

6- I love her cartoon voice. She is a very animated little girl. She reads stories to us and always uses different voices for all the characters. It is VERY entertaining.

5- I love that she is so content. She is very even keeled and happy to be so. Whatever she is doing is exactly what she would like to be doing, except cleaning. That is the exception. But now she is 9. I hear that is the year kids start to like cleaning. Here's to hoping! :)

4- I love that she loves pickles and olives. Not just likes them. She LOVES them.

3- I love what a smart little cookie she is. She gets things. I like that in a kid.

2- I love that she loves her family. She really is a source of peace in our home and I appreciate it so much.

1- I love that she loves her Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I love that she loves the gospel, the temple, and primary. She is a tender hearted little angel, and I wouldn't trade her for anything!

Here we are at Anna's favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, for her birthday dinner. Most of us anyway, Jessica is not such a fan of pictures.

Our FANTASTIC neighbors, John and Elaine, joined us for dinner. We love these two. They have become our surrogate family here in California.

And here is our sleeping little Angel with her Bear named Elaine and her new Felicity doll.
Happy Birthday, Anna! We love you!!


The Reil Family said...

happy birthday to anna! she is so sweet!

Emily Oman said...

Loved the post, and LOVE little Anna! Such a sweetie pie! Umm you will have to let me in on what your word verification was :) hehe

libbie said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Anna! Auntie Libbie Loves you!!!!

Tony and Traci said...

Happy Birthday. She is such a sweet little girl. She is so beautiful too, but that's not a surprise because she has good looking parents. :)

The Yancey Family said...

Happy Late Birthday to Anna! She is such a sweet, beautiful girl! I am so jealous of how much she has always loved sleep. I remember when she was like two, and I would say "Anna, are you ready for a nap?", and she would say, "Hmmm-mmm, please" LOVED IT! You are a lucky momma!

Amberly said...

How am I so far behind in life that I am just now reading this????? I love the first picture on this post. What a sweet girl you have.

by the by, the word verification word is silly...

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