Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Visitors

We have had a busy postpartum week. Ben had to go to the World Ag Expo and since I wasn't real comfortable taking care of a newborn and five kids a week after a C-section, my wonderful family stepped up and came and took care of everything! Meghan came first. I had such a wonderful time with her! I miss all of my brothers and sisters so much! It was so nice to visit with her and spend a delightful day watching 13 hours of Anne of Green Gables. It was nice to be able to take a nap and to have someone else make dinner for me! She was wonderful. Right after she left, my parents and a few more sisters and my niece came. It was also great. They all kept apologizing for not doing more to help, but I assured them that my poor kids have been so BORED with a grumpy invalid for a mother and being off track (AAAA!!!) that just being there to entertain them was a huge help. I am so grateful that they were here! It would be a lot easier if we still lived within 5 minutes of everyone!!!

My visitors--Grandpa, Grandma, Jeffrey, Gracie, Maddie, and Lauren.

Meghan and Jeffrey Grandma and Jeffrey

Bella and Maya have always been HUGE fans of Grandpa! They were so excited to see him and were so fun to watch and listen to as they played funny little 3 year old games with him. I think he enjoyed them, too. This is them at the aquarium in Monterey.
Kids in Monterey


hatch said...

Hi Emily- I was so excited when I got your comment! I think it is great that you have a blog. They are a really nice way to keep in touch. Ok so I tagged you and here is what you do (only if you want to and have time as I know you are very busy). Just answer the same questions that I answered on my blog only about you of course!

Congratulations on the new baby! He is beautiful! I am glad that you have had some help from your family!

Fairchild Family said...

ummmmmmm . . . you have a lot of kids!

Jay, Sara, Ashtyn, Alayna and Jacob Hill said...

I love the leashes on Maya and Bella...Even more I love the look on your dads face. He looks like a dog walker who dogs just caught whiff of a tabby cat. You guys really need to move to SLC. We have a major airport for all of Bens travel need but most of all you have 6 kids, you will fit in GREAT!!!