Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cabin Fever

This is going to be one random blog, but I hope it won't be too boring. The kids and I really need to get out because we are all going a little stir crazy. We can only watch so much TV. Our poor little Jeff needs a nap so badly, but every time I lay him down the kids start/continue screaming, crying, playing the piano etc., so then he also has his hypocrite mom yelling at everyone to be quiet. Right now I am really glad that we live in California where it is nice and sunny and I can send the kids outside to play. With what? you might ask. Well, nothing but dirt and empty snail shells, but hey, they are outside and my sweet baby has been asleep for approximately 15 minutes.

My poor son. He has been the only boy for 5 1/2 years. Ben is out of town a lot, so Reese is left with all his male attributes (teasing, being gross etc.) in a house full of girls. Thank goodness we now have Jeff. Hopefully in a few years things will even out a bit. It seems Reese is sick of being forced to watch Barbie movies and playing house and is rebelling a bit. A common phase around our house these days is "Are you Two???!!!" This can be used in conjunction with a 5 year old coloring on the walls and the banister, poking the dog in the eye, and recently sneaking scissors upstairs for a midnight haircut (on himself thankfully). He has a funny little boy sense of humor. The twins asked what we were going to have for lunch the other day and before I could answer, he said "Fart Salad." He was drawing pictures of all the girls, me included, with big brown handlebar mustaches. But the other night, the poo hit the fan when we found a little nail sticking out of Anna's pillow. The little turd was trying to poke her! The night before we had found a tack, but thought it was a fluke. I think that he needs an outlet for his naughtiness, and have thought about Karate. What do you think?

Exhibit A Exhibit B

On Valentines Day for the past several years, my husband has been at the World Ag Expo. This year he brought me a special present. He is such a sweetheart and I love him dearly. We aren't big gift givers, we usually talk about what we need and decide to forego any formal gift giving and get something we both need or want. It is when he surprises me with gifts that it is really special. Before I post the picture, remember that he works with cows. I have long been compared to a cow, not in the fat sense (or we would be divorced), but usually in the pregnancy or nursing sense. It is a family joke, so I am OK with it. At Costco a few weeks ago, Anna was talking about how I would feed our baby with my udders. I said "Anna! I don't have udders!" She said that she was afraid it would be bad manners to call them breasts. So, when Ben brought these home for me, we all got a good chuckle. I have to say, these are one of my favorite valentine's day gifts ever.

My lovely cow tag earrings

This is another gift Ben brought home for me a couple years ago. His name is/was Walter. Ben thought we could keep him in our backyard for a while. Great--except we lived next to the mayor! Thank goodness for my mom and her sheep pasture. Walter lived to the ripe old age of 1 1/2 years old before he became a freezer full of delicious steaks.

This is my pretty new washer. It is the 3rd one we've had in 3 years. My old one was in great shape until my sweet Jessica was helping with laundry. She has learned a good (expensive) lesson--you shouldn't put four loads of laundry in. It was smoking and screaming, but now I have a nice new washer! Maybe I should let her use the dryer so I can have a matching set! She is a good helper and I appreciate her so, but she is not touching this washer!

Well folks, that is pretty much all we have going on here. You can wake up now.


Fairchild Family said...

I love Reese. I can't stop laughing. And those cow tag earrings . . . Priceless. Yes, Walter was delicious. And the new washer is just DARLING! I will keep my fingers crossed for a new dryer for you soon!
You really should get out soon! Its good for the sanity. . . . . like I should talk. I am a regular at the burger king playground these days!

My Three Sons said...

Hey Emily! I just found your blog!! I can read your stories, you (like your sisters) always make me laugh and I do wish you were still here in town :( Anyway...just so you know...I now know why you had a melt down at Libbie's house over your terrible two year old twins when I was expecting my twins. Do you remember? Well...say no more girl, I now know why you felt the way you did that night. Mine are NAUGHTY with a capital N. The only thing harder than two year old twins would be two year old triplets, am I right? of luck with everything and I will be keeping my eye on your blog for future enjoyment!

Emily Oman said...

I love fart salad, we had it just the other night! It's about time you had a new post, I love hearing what you guys are doing! It makes me feel like we don't live forever away, so keep them coming! I'm so jelous of your washer, it's so pretty! You'll have to post video of Reese's gruff little voice. I love it! He's one of a kind!

Jay, Sara, Ashtyn, Alayna and Jacob Hill said...

hey! I need the recipe for fart salad. Maybe that will go over better than the gourmet dinner I made that got snubbed last night.
Love the washer and can't wait to see your family.

kthom said...

Oh how I enjoy your posts...Cole on the other hand does not, "Mom, stop, let's play Sowwy (Sorry), " little does he know that I have to respond to Fart salad.....Hysterical and clever I might add. Jack informed the entire Tae kwon do class (all parents as well) that someone farted (we were never allowed to say this word growing up so I feel so naughty even typing it)next to him while they were slithering like snakes across the mats-such a proud moment!

hatch said...

Love the earrings. I have the same washer as you and I love it love it! Our old one died on the night before we were moving into our new house. Now I am so glad that it did because I really like this one.'

Ashley said...

I have got cabin fever too! And tired of sick kids fever as well! I am so excited to be able to check in and see how you guys are doing.