Monday, April 7, 2008


As much as I wish I could tell you happy birthday in person, this will have to be second best. (I know I am totally abusing the use of your password...) So this post is in honor of my wonderful sister in law Emily, who was born on this day 29 years (or so) ago.

The top 10 reasons I am glad Emily was born april 7

10. She likes to farm at the cabin, and any other place it is available

9.She is the food networks next big show - Dinner is a breeze when you store it in your deep freeze. (I love your freezer meals!) Watch out Giada!

8.She loves a project as much as I do.

7. She is very photogenic with the prettiest skin, lips and fingernails I have ever seen (and wish I had!).

6. She has never had a cavity (as a dental phobic, that is my dream!)

5.She lets me post on her blog without permission

4.She has a strong testimony of the gospel.

3.She has given birth to 6 kids. (this one could stand on its own, but even more, she is an excellent mother to ALL 6 of those cute little rascals:)

2. She models swimsuits

1.There is no one else in this world who could have married (and make happy) my very large, guitar playing, dairy lovin, manure smellin, fox news (sponge bob) watchin, thinkin he is so funny and sometimes is brother. Therefore becoming my favorite sister in law!


I "virtually" picked those flowers just for you! I love ya! Hope you have a fantastic birthday!


Emily K said...

I love you Sara! You can abuse my password anytime you want as long as you write nice things about me! I love the virtual flowers...I can virtually smell them! You are a great sister in law and friend!!!

yennu said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Emily!! I hope you have a great day. It was so fun to see you last week. I hope life is getting back to normal after such a long trip.

CrazyinIdaho said...

Happy Birthday! Love the top 10 Sara. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Emily Oman said...

Hey Happy Birthday! You've always been my favorite SIL! Wish you lived closer and we could have had cake and a party! I hope you had a wonderful day.....I'm always amazed by you and I think your amazing! love ya tons!

Fairchild Family said...

Happy Birthday Sis. If I could get my crabby baby to bed, I would email you some pictures.

Fairchild Family said...

Oh . . . if you are 29, then that makes me only 27! Hee Hee