Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Baby is One!!!

Look at this handsome young man!

This was my first look at my 6th and last little baby. I have loved every minute of having him here in our family, he is such a sweet little guy!

G" border=0>Ok, I baked the cake and as it was cooling I thought I would go ahead and shower, since it was about 6 o'clock and I still had my exercise sweat on. Yuck, I know, but hey, it was a busy day! As I am showering, Anna, Reese, Maya, and Bella decided to help themselves to the frosting. I came back downstairs to half of the container in their bellies. So, being the mean mother that I am, they had to have plain cake. Guess what? No complaints. I think they maaayyyy be learning. Here's to hoping.

Jeff has recently found his nostrils. If it weren't so cute, I would be grossed out.

Jeff loved his birthday dinner of sloppy joes, tater tots, cake and ice cream!

What I Love about Jeff!
*I love how he smiles so sweetly when he wakes up.
*I love how he walks with his arms raised up above his head.
*I love how much he loves milk and vegetables.
*I love how much he LOVES Jessica.
*I love it when he pats me on the back.
*I love it when he reaches for Ben.
*I love it when he hugs Madge (the dog).
*I love it when he helps me put the clothes in the washer
and then stands there and watches it go around.
*I love how he thinks he is so funny and laughs at himself.
*I love that he loves his bubby, he is definitely my baby!
* I love how he loves to take naps in his bed.
*I love how he sings little tunes while he is waiting for his food. It is so sweet!
*I love how he tries to communicate with us with little hissing sounds.
*I love it when I hear him out playing with his brothers and sisters. He is so comfortable and secure with his family.

I could go on and on...
So I'll tell you a funny story.

Yesterday I took the kids to Costco for grocery shopping. It was crazy busy, but we managed. The kids were generally well behaved and were rewarded with plenty of free samples. As I was putting the groceries on the conveyor belt and keeping the kids in order, Jeff was playing happily in the cart. After a few minutes I noticed that he was playing in my purse and had thrown my sunglasses out onto the floor. Oh dear, I better get them. As I am picking up the sunglasses...oh no! I see the wrapper from my emergency purse tampon on the floor under my cart. Oh dear, dear, dear...under the cart of the people behind us is the plunger of the applicator...I am panicking....please no more! But yes! Out in the middle of the two lines is the top part of the applicator...I race to grab it....BUT WHERE IS THE TAMPON?!?!?! I look at my sweet little baby, sitting so contently in the cart... and there it is. HE IS SUCKING ON IT! AAAAAA!!!! I turn around to see if anyone has noticed this disgustingness....THEY HAVE!!! There's a nice middle-aged couple behind us with huge smiles/laughs on their faces. To the very nice woman I say (trying really hard to not laugh my head off) "WHY DIDN"T YOU SAY SOMETHING?!?! I THOUGHT WE WOMEN WERE SUPPOSED TO STICK TOGETHER!!!" She just laughed and her sweet husband replied, "It was way too entertaining! Look how happy he is!"
I love Jeff.
Happy Birthday!