Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hair Troubles

My hair has a hard time behaving. It all started when I was about 12 years old and in one day went from having stick straight hair to coarse, frizzy hair. A lot of people gave me advice on how to better manage my hair; "try hot rollers" (not so good in the 8th grade, a little better now), "if you would just put gel in your hair it would look like mine and then maybe you could have a boyfriend, too" (I'm not kidding--someone really said this).
I finally learned some tricks to manage my unruly locks and make the natural curl look somewhat presentable, when wouldn't you know it, I have a baby and went from unruly curly hair to straight-in-some-sections-and-curly-in-others. I have to say that this has been a little easier to manage, but more hair troubles ensued.
We moved to Nevada, and as I have mentioned in previous posts, I did not love it. I blame Nevada almost completely for the grey hairs that popped out when I was merely 25. To cover up these grey hairs, my sister-in-laws and I decided to try a box of hair color with "just a little red" (requested by Ben). That little bit of red turned my hair completely BURGUNDY. It took 7 treatments within a month to get it back to semi-normal. Needless to say, my hair was fried. In our new ward I met a lady who told me that she would love to do my hair. I looked at her own frizzy mullet, and since I am a firm believer that your hair will in some way resemble your hairdresser's, Bambii did not get the job.
I have kind of trucked along over the years and have discovered some real tricks that help. I can't live without: a) good shampoo and conditioner, b) my S-Factor smoothing lusterizer, and c) my round brush and blowdryer. I have also learned that it is good to give my hair off days, but my exercise schedule and the sweat that comes with it, make this part of my regimine a little tricky.
One of the only pleasures that comes with my hair is that it LOVES to be played with. I am putty in the hands of whoever runs their fingers through my hair. I will let my kids stay up as late as they want as long as they are playing with my hair. So, on Christmas night, we were watching Wall-E and I was in my hair-being-played-with catatonic state, when all of a sudden something was terribly wrong. My usually tough scalp was being pulled at in a very strange and uncomfortable way. There were strange clicking sounds..."What are you doing to me, Maya?!?" I reach up and grab the cuticle scissors that came in my manicure set from Santa out of her little hand.

Will there ever be peace in my hair's life?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quick Updates and Birthday Adventures

I AM A BLOG SLACKER. I don't know if you noticed, but it has been about a month since my last late post. I don't know what to say, other than things are busy here...nothing earth shattering, just life in general.
Here's the skinny--

*Thanksgiving was fabulous, Utah was beautiful. I LOVE my inlaws. They are all so much fun to be around.

* I ran my 6K, I use ran loosely. I finished and did pretty well for my age group, which was 98 for some reason.

Um, that about does it for updates worth writing about. So, onto more current things.

Jessica Turned 12!

Time has really flown by. It seems like just yesterday we brought this beautiful little lady home from the hospital. I thought that growing up in a large family would prepare me for life as a mother, but I learned REALLY fast that I had no idea what I was doing. Here was this beautiful baby, with a perfect little round head and big gorgeous eyes, depending on me for everything she needed. She has been such a joy in our lives since she was born. She is beautiful and talented. She is sensitive and kind. She is my right hand gal. I LOVE HER TO PIECES!!! She wanted to go to San Fransisco for her birthday so off we went! We had a great time together as a family and then enjoyed some present opening over breakfast and delicious Penne Rigate for dinner. She got some great gifts, including the first Twilight book which she finished within 2 days. But....the most exciting news is that she got her ears pierced!!!!! She has been looking forward to this day her whole life (believe me). She had to call a few people and interview them about their ear piercing experience so that she could make an educated decision and use her agency wisely. She is so big, and I am so old. Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Ben turns 35 (that's halfway to 70, you know)!
It's true. He is even getting the grey hairs to prove it. He is such a good daddy, he wanted to spend the day with his family so we went to Jamestown and rode the steam engine. It was lots of fun for everyone. Santa, a very talented fiddler, and a band of raucous casino patrons were also on the train. We have missed cold weather and snow so we drove a little farther and were able to play in the snow...for a few minutes before we got too cold and decided that being warm is also very nice. Then it was off to the Bass Pro Shop for a little manly shopping. Happy Birthday, Ben!