Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yet Another Trip

I have been such a slacker lately! I go about my days and think, " I should go blog about this" but it never happens. Sorry that you all have to endure the boring recap blogs as I am trying to catch up.
It is a good thing that gas is so cheap these days! We took another trip to Washington for my Family Reunion. I was a terrible picture taker so I will just send you here to see all of my sister's fun pictures and a quick summary of our fun reunion. It was great to see my cousins and Aunt and Uncle along with most of my family. Just one of the reasons we were happy to leave town. OK, we were sitting still in a parking lot, so this picture is a bit of an exaggeration of the real situation. In actuallity, it was only 109.
I am a genius. When we were in Yellowstone last month we saw a family using drawers for each kid instead of suitcases. I decided to try it out but with my own little fabulous twist. I bought two sets of 3 big drawers and put an outfit and pajamas for each child in each drawer. I also put diapers in so that all I had to do each day was take in that days drawer. After the kids got ready for bed, I put the dirty clothes back in the drawer, put the dirty drawer back in the car and got the next day's drawer out. When the first set of three were all used, I moved the next set into place and washed the dirty clothes, resorted them, and put it all back in the car. I don't think it took up any less space in the car, but it sure was easier to manage everything! The car usually wouldn't be so full, we did have to also bring 7 sleeping bags and pillows. Not bad, I must say. I would TOTALLY do this again!

After WAY TOO MUCH fighting in the back seat on the way home, we stopped in this desolate wheat field for some "encouraging" words. After a few (idle) threats of leaving them there, we climbed back into the car and continued on our very long journey with a lot less bickering.
Jeff got his first two teeth on the 14th of August. He loves to rub his tongue along them. He is also getting up on his hands and knees and doing some form of crawling resembling an inchworm.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

4 years old times 2

It seems like just yesterday I was toting these two little princesses around, growing some amazing biceps. Now they are 4 years old! They have been such a joy! I have loved watching them grow up together, always having their best friend close by. They are wonderful playmates and definitely a comfort to eachother. When I found out I was having twins, the ultrasound tech told me that I was the first person she had told twin news to who hadn't cried on the spot. I was so excited, and although there have been trials, I wouldn't trade this wonderful twin experience for the world! I love these girls with all my heart and am so glad they are a part of our family! Happy Birthday Maya and Bella!
These are their new Princess Dresses for the Princess Party. We made tiaras and purses, played Pin the Kiss on the Frog Prince, and Don't Eat the Princess. We had a lovely pink princess lunch and some delicious cake and ice cream. Now, I am really good at a lot of things--I can play any hymn in the hymnbook, I can remove almost any stain (including sharpie) you throw at me, I mow the lawn like a pro, just to name a few. But baking, especially cakes, has never been a strength of mine. Some of Ben's fondest memories of when he was young are the fabulous cakes his mom made, so I thought I would try a little harder to create the same memories for my kids. The girls really wanted a castle cake-that, or the Spongebob cake at Raleys. I thought, how hard can it be? Well, take a look......
Pathetic castle, huh! In my mind it was A LOT more castle like. It looks more like an enchanted forest, but the girls were absolutely thrilled. They really do love me for who I am!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oh yeah, one more thing...

Funny Reese Quote, coming right up!

Today while getting ready for church, Reese walks down to Ben in the family room and says," Little Miss-Behavior whacked me with her saltwater (sandal) right in the face, and she is sitting right there! (Pointing to Bella)" What a funny little guy.

OK, two more things. Reese and his friend Gretchen got the star student awards for their class for "Excellent Academic Achievement and Good Citizenship." What a stud.

Swim Lessons, Sun Tans, etc.

Apparently it has been a while since I have had anything to say. I apologize, but I think you will see from this post, that nothing very exciting has been happening here at the Kern house. Here is the past 3 weeks in review. Jeff is officially eating food now. He is a big fan of applesauce and bananas, but not so much the squash. He is also getting to be a pro at picking up the arrowroot cookie and getting it into his mouth. He will be 6 months tomorrow...I can't believe it.
We have had the kids enrolled in 2 sessions of Swim lessons, one with the city and one with Josh, one of the young men in our ward. I have been very pleased with their progress and new found ability, although I did grossly underestimate Jessica's abilities, and she was stuck in a class with kids 3 ft shorter than her. She did well, and is ready to advance about 3 levels next time. Sorry, Jess!!! All of the hanging out at the pool has been really good for me and my tan...
I would like to call your attention to the contrasting tones of skin. Those of you who know me, know that I am not one to ever get any color to me. Some people tan in the sun, some people burn...I get a rash. So this new color is very exciting to me. I have gone from cadaverish to a slightly darker shade of pasty. Woo Hoo!!!
We have some friends in the neighborhood that are very good about calling us and getting us to the park nearly everynight. It is a good way for us to get our homework and chores done, so we can all go out and have some fun at the park.
We have three kinds of Grapes in our yard. They have been a special project of Ben's this summer. Our Thompson seedless varieties are ripe now and DELISH! Our cabernets are nearly ripe and I am sure will make a lovely juice. ;)
I canned some spaghetti sauce and pears this week, my 12 hours of work netted me a total of 25 jars. I am wondering if they were worth it, but soon we will eat them and I will be reminded of why I kill myself to do things like this.
The best event that took place during my blogging hiatus, is that one of my visiting teaching ladies and her husband were sealed in the Oakland Temple. I am so happy for them. It was wonderful to see them sealed and to remember all of the blessings we can receive because of the beautiful sealing ordinance! Congratulations, Scott and Cori!